L.S.D. is a first person shooter set during a hallucinogen trip.
It's a dream-like experience, in which things don't seem to make sense. Because they don't.
You keep waking up in different, weird open worlds. You have no choice but to explore them, trying to survive and to get back to reality as soon as possible.
Suddenly you'll find yourself in magic medieval-like towns, fighting against fire-spitting dragons with a magic sword, then you'll find handguns and rifles to attack fierce giant creatures that come right at you.

You keep waking up in mysterious, unexplored places.
You're in a loop. You keep living the same moment again and again.
It's up to you to decide how you're going to live it.
Are you going to slaughter those dragon with your sword, or are you going to let them rip your head off?
Will you try to wake up from this nightmare? Or will you take control of your dreams?


  • Giant open worlds;

  • Creatures that try to kill you;

  • A psychotic narration;

  • Magic swords;

  • Very loud rifles;

  • Very loud handguns;

  • More creatures that try to kill you;

  • Things that blow up for no reason:

  • Even UFOs! Maybe. I'm not supposed to talk about it.

L.S.D. is being developed and published by the solo game dev Salvatore Fabio, CEO (and only member) of Fabiulous Games.