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Fabiulous Games is a one-man italian independent game development studio founded by Salvatore Fabio.

It has published a total of 10 games both for mobile and PC, on platforms such as Steam, and Google Play Store.

Among those, mostly small, at times experimental indie titles, the most memorable are "Spider Killer", "Zombie City", "Starcatcher" (available on, "Planet Plane", "Blackjack Shooter" (available on Play Store).

It also released in November 2020 the free-to-play game "Homyatol - un destino modificato", which was played live on Twitch by the well-known italian streamer it was dedicated to and gained a lot of praise.

After working on various free to play, challenging, game-jam projects Salvatore Fabio at the end of 2020, still as the solo member of Fabiulous Games, fully committed to the development of his first commercial project "L.S.D. (Lasting Spiritual Derangement)", which is programmed to be released on Steam at the end of 2021.

Being a first person shooter set during a hallucinogen trip and a complete commercial game it definitely is Fabiulous Games' most ambitious and most anticipated project until now.

The demo of "L.S.D.", which forms its own application called "L.S.D.: Prologue to Lasting Spiritual Derangement" will be released on Steam on April 7th 2021.


Salvatore Fabio

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